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Guy AZERA tastes all the wines several times in order to select only the most interesting.

A large number of references selected one by one with the greatest severity, in order to offer you the most beautiful range of wines. You will find the best vintages of the last 15 years of the castles that have made the legend of Bordeaux wines but also wines of Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Rhone Valley, and other French and foreign regions.

We buy our wines exclusively in ownership. Thus, each crate that we propose has known only two cellars: that of the biggest castles, where the wines were bought live, and ours.

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The finest selection of wine at a fantastic value

The Wine Source Inc. is a very unique wine company.

It has been established as an importer-distributor company of the finest wines in the world and always on the forefront of sourcing new original wines from France with the latest to date called “La belle Citadelle”.

Being importer-distributor allows for lower costs which are passed on the customer in pricing. We do not buy wines at auctions and our traditional business model is based on the selection of the finest wine from the old world; every wine comes directly from the Chateau or the Domaine or a reputed negociant with whom we have done business for more than 30 years and who has acquired the wine directly from the producer.

Guy AZERA’s broad expertise and constant search for excellence in wine, have enabled to assemble an exceptional and exclusive offering of wines from the most famous regions of France.

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"Keeping quality with technical investment"

The Wine Source would not be successful without all the technical investment.

Indeed we are a rare company which had invested in a Temperature controlled wine warehouse before it became trendy and before the industry realized that wines could not be treated like spirits. Hence the handling of wines from the producer to our clients preserves the quality of our wines. Our delivery trucks are also equipped to maintain the right temperature during delivering.

Our commitments to provide our clients with superior wine handling and knowledgeable staff are a proof that your satisfaction is paramount to us and it means:
- A small minimum for delivery for California distribution.

- No case break charges

- Mix and match case discounts

- Wines by the glass program

- Our family wine discount.

- Thanks to our 2 warehouses with strategic location (California, New Jersey), our distributors can conveniently consolidate their orders.

"Provenance is a key"

We are predominately a French Wine Importer. However, we also are expanding our Italian, Spanish, Argentinean, Romanian, Mexican and South African wines. We also have a domestic portfolio of small production, hand crafted boutique wines that you won't find in chain stores.

Our knowledgeable team is required to focus on full service to our clients. This includes consulting, training and wine list development as well as personally meeting with each client.

Today The Wine Source Inc. is proud to distribute its wines throughout 32 states and collaborate closely with Distributors to reach out to their clients in order to narrow down their needs and get a better understanding of their wine programs.

Guy AZERA : “Loyalty and trust of our customers are our very best reward. Creating such a relationship has helped us get to where we are today. “

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“ This year will be very special for The Wine Source as our new project: “La Belle Citadelle”

"After close to 40 years of importing and distributing wines in the USA, having looked at what people really enjoy, it has become clear that there was a void for style and most times quality in the generic varietal category. Why was not possible to elaborate a wine that would duly represent top wine peers: a ten dollars Chardonnay that tastes like a classy Cote de Beaune, a Sauvignon Blanc that gets close to a Sancerre. More importantly, a style that integrates its origin and its purpose, the desire to over deliver, surpass expectations and fully satisfy the person who is discovering the wines we are offering for the first time.

The intent in creating La Belle Citadelle was to reach a profile of wine within each selection that would represent first of all, the varietal, then the terroir and finally a style that appeal to "American drinker" while preserving their true identity. By "American drinker", this generic term is solely limited to all the tastings that I have done over the past four decades with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds with different palates and different understanding of what they perceive a good wine should taste like. I have thoroughly searched the best terroirs, vineyards and sometimes plots in the Languedoc Roussillon to achieve the vision of what it should represent. With the help of devoted individuals in three different wineries, 2 in Languedoc Roussillon and one in Bordeaux, in pursuit of transcending the quality in wine, La Belle Citadelle was born.

But it's above all a very personal project. The wines were born from my childhood memories of where vineyards and old stone buildings were adorning the countryside. In a place where the smell of wet grass, truffles and tree blossoms commingled freely in the fresh air.

The creation of that new wine line has been a passionate project where every steps and details of each wine of the line has been carefully dealt with. Vauban built La Citadelle in Blaye in the early 1600, my father built a sumptuous hotel restaurant within the walls of La Citadelle, La Belle Citadelle emulates creation and work of Art. This is a labor of love. Sharing this passion with others was the driving force behind the project. 

Our work has been quickly noticed, I am happy to report that The Sunset international wine challenge 2017 awarded medals to all of them.

We are sure you will enjoy the wines of La Belle Citadelle as I would like to think of them as Ambassador of Pleasure!"

Guy AZERA - The Wine Source

Our work has been rewarded ! 20 wines out of 30 awarded by the sunset wine lover's guide are our wines !

Helping the country’s most active wine drinkers discover the best wines in the world. Introduced in 2012, the Sunset International Wine Competition is one of the leading medal competitions in the West. Medal-winners gain exposure to Sunset’s 5.3 million Western wine lovers via the print magazine monthly, over 1.3 million web visitors monthly, 30,000+ event attendees annually between Sunset Celebration Weekend and Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast, Sunset Wine Club members and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic social media followers and fans yearly.